Google Pack – New Google Dispensation

January 7, 2006 at 4:00 pm (Uncategorized)

The search engine behemoth is searching for new pastures. Ever since gmail came on the scene, it was clearly just a matter of time before Google decided to go for the jugular. In this case, that of Microsoft Corp. The Google Pack is the latest release from Google. It consists of nine freeware apps which you can download from the net anyway (except Norton Antivirus). Now Google does the packing for you. I still haven’t quite understood why products like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Ad-Aware need such a retailer. It is not as if these are totally unknown products. The best explanation is that they are banking on the brand appeal of Google. Not that I am sure this is such a bright idea. But then I have never been particularly good at business.

So when is Google going to come out with a G-PC running on a G-OS and a G-Office too. Guys at Google refuse to reveal anything about this.  May be some G-games will be needed for the big bang. I would say that the G-OS if it comes out would be a distributed net-based os with only the barebone OS provided for accessing the net. Further OS installation will be net based. Similarly G-Office.

What would be Microsoft’s answer to this. Actually I don’t think the Redmond guys need to respond at all. (Hey, here I am advising B.Gates on business !).  Windows has too many supporters and close on the heels is Linux (Would G-OS be a version of Linux). MS Office is the best in town when it comes to bundled apps. OpenOffice, the closest second is far behind MS Office as any honest assessment of the two has to concede. Maybe OpenOffice will improve. But then so will MS Office.

So I am inclined to think that, even if Google does come up with a specialzed PC, a specialized, OS and a specialized Office Suite, most Windows users will stick with that. And Google has raised too many security concerns too, thanks to Gmail and the Google desktop search tool.


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