Free Information

January 4, 2006 at 2:35 am (Uncategorized)

The basic hypothesis upon which the internet was founded was military. It had nothing to do with free information, free resources, or anything starting with free. Somewhere along the way, the prefix free got tagged on to some of the online resources. Now while most of the stuff out there is online junk, ther are some truly awesome  achievements  for the online freedom lovers.

Blogs for one. This is one tool that has done an amazing job of opening up people’s minds. I mean, how else could an ordinary person, one among the silent multitude, make himslef heard. Of course nobody really listens to a mere blogger with his personal views. But it all adds up.

In the pre-blog days, one had to set up a website. This was far from simple, even on prefabricated templates. Updating the website was even more tough. Now all you have to do is get onto some blog host, like wordpress, and let go.

Which brings me to the question of “free” again. The famous saying about free beer vs free speech needs no mention. However the fact remains that the vast majority of net users cannot afford to pay for a paid blog. Thankfully many sites continue to host free webites and blogs.

How long can such free services remain alive. The world is definitely not getting cheaper. The idea of providing free service of anykind is labelled as idealistic. Actually it is idealistic. But, tags notwithstanding, how long can such services as the Wikipedia survive, inspite all the multitudes contributing  the material as well as the finance. And it is so easy to defeat the aim of such a monumental resource by just inserting some false stories deliberately. It has been done and no matter what precautions are taken it will be done again


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